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The rush of air in your face as you speed past the tops of trees…your feet dangling high above the forest floor . . . it’s like flying. Ziplinin’ allows you to see your natural environment from a uniquely breath-taking perspective. Surrounding yourself with others who love ziplinin’ as well makes the experience that much more memorable. Sign up on today to join a group of thrill-seeking enthusiasts, or create your own outing to meet new friends.

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The high five at the end of the arial runway…the rush of adrenaline as you take a running jump off of the platform to glide through the canopy…these are the types of experiences you want to share and describe to other people who share your excitement. Use to connect with other zipliners in your area. Sign up and start networking!

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Ziplinin’ is a fast-growing recreational sport— courses are popping up across the globe. Use our comprehensive database to explore ziplinin’ courses in your area or on your travels. Or, better yet, add your local hidden gem of a ziplinin’ place to our list!

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Calling all instructors and experienced zipliners! Although ziplinin’ outfitters usually provide all necessary gear, we know that our more seasoned zipliners have their own gear. If you have used but usable gear taking up real estate around your home, sell it or donate it on! It is the place to buy or sell (used only) ziplinin’ gear.

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